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The Linarol Consort of Viols

Alison Kinder, Claire Horáček, , Asako Morikawa, David Hatcher

The Linarol Consort is the only UK viol consort that specialises in bringing life into the highly significant and under-explored instrumental repertoire of sixteenth century Europe. The group relishes in playing from and referencing original sources. 

It came into existence to explore the sound world of a unique instrument, the oldest surviving viol: SAM66 made in Venice dated 1540 by Francesco Linarolo. 

It was formed by David Hatcher with Alison Kinder, Asako Morikawa and Claire Horáček and focuses uniquely on their love of the instrument’s very earliest sound and repertoire. 


Ensemble Échos

Ensemble Échos is a flexible, UK-based ensemble specialising in music from the baroque era. We use period instruments and play in an historically informed style. 

Ensemble Échos met and formed largely through postgraduate study. Each member has their own, active and varied career as a musician, but we come together to share our knowledge and passion for music of the baroque age. We can be found performing music by all the great composers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including J.S. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Telemann and Couperin, but we also love exploring music by lesser known, but no less significant, composers.



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